NiacinMax – Unleash Your True Potential!

Many people are searching for an effective way to supercharge training results, or even to improve strength for their daily tasks. Everybody wants to look and feel better, and we need to accomplish that without exposing our health to any kind of danger.

NiacinMax is a tiny dissolving tongue strip, scientifically designed by a prominent European bio-science laboratory which has spent years examining, improving and perfecting revolutionary delivering technology to make a perfect niacin based product.

Health benefits of Niacin (Vitamin B3) are well-known in the medical circles and thanks to NiacinMax you can now take advantage of it much safer and faster than ever before.

  • NiacinMax ReviewBoost red blood cell output
  • Boost natural levels of HGH by over 600%
  • Grow oxygen flow to the muscle tissue by 50%
  • Enhance oxygen flow to the brain
  • Increase attention and mental focus
  • Tested on over 100 individuals in several clinics
  • 100% pure pharma-grade ingredients
  • Technologically advanced delivery system
  • Completely safe – no side effects
  • 67 days money back guarantee

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The NiacinMax tongue strips supply 75mg of unadulterated niacin directly into your bloodstream.

Increase red blood cell productionIt will increase oxygen flow by nearly 50% by improving your circulation, multiplying your red blood cell count and shielding your tissue from oxidative deterioration, helping you to be at your physical and mental top.

Oxygen is responsible for supplying you with nearly 90% of your energy; it’s the crucial fuel that powers your body and your brain. When you don’t have enough oxygen, your performance will suffer. Get extra oxygen into your circulation and you will boost your overall performance.

Increase Human Growth HormoneAnd when you’re in overdrive you should have some recovery help to keep up with your body’s new demands.

Niacin Max will help there too, as it boosts your HGH levels by over 600%, enhancing your muscle development and helping you recover sooner after your workout session.

How Does NiacinMax Work?

NiacinMax is a thin strip/film that dissolves on your tongue, enabling the niacin to be instantly taken in through the mucosal tissue in your mouth and into your blood stream within just seconds.

This product takes advantage of liposomal encapsulation technology to protect the niacin right up until the time it is shipped to your tissues.

Liposomes are tiny, double-layered bubbles that wrap around the niacin like a coat of mail, protecting it from deterioration and carrying it easily into your bloodstream.

Once in your blood stream, the liposomes bond with and bring the niacin right into your cells. Liposomes are made from phospholipids, which is the similar kind of substance that makes up the protective membranes of each cell inside human body. Basically, your body will recognize them as its own cells, so the Vitamin B3 will easily pass into tissues.

Targeted delivery system

The majority of dietary supplements only transport 10-15% of their active component into your circulation. NiacinMax sends about 90% natural niacin straight into your blood flow, making it 45 times more effective than any tablet.

Before you get any result from a traditional vitamin supplement, it has to travel through your digestive tract before it is taken in into your blood stream and delivered to your cells.

Common vitamin supplements might take as much as 4 hours to work their way throughout your digestive tract. This natural product avoids your digestive organs completely and supplies niacin right to your cells within minutes.

Super fast absorption makes NiacinMax the most bioavailable niacin supplement on the market. It breaks through the hurdles that are preventing you reaching your pinnacle physical performance.

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How do I use this NiacinMax?

NiacinMax is citrus flavored and provides 75mg of niacin per one strip. You only have to place the strip under your tongue and in just a few minutes Vitamin B3 is released directly into your bloodstream.

Take one strip every day, in the morning and on an empty stomach. Wait 10-15 minutes after dissolving the strip before breakfast.

You will notice the greatest results from this product if you train 3-5 hours after using it – it is when the postponed HGH releasing effects will start to take effect.

If you are exercising at least five times each week, we advise you to get a second serving 4 hrs before going to sleep, to help you get more benefits from its powerful HGH releasing impact.

Have users found any side effects?

Absolutely no, users have not reported any unwanted effects with this product. One concern that was asked in the FAQ part of the web site was relating to Niacin Flush.

If you have used niacin before, you should already be aware of the ‘Niacin Flush’. It will happen to everyone and it is completely benign. As a matter of fact, some people quite enjoy it. The flush is temporary, and will stop after some 10 minutes.


As stated by the official site, this rather minor effect will probably show up in a minimum capacity – yet it’s not to have to worry about, and is in fact a sign that the product works as it is designed to.

Vitamin B3 is a vasodilator and it broadens all the blood vessels within your body. This allows more blood to flow through them, delivering more minerals, oxygen and hormones to your tissues.

1 package of 30 strips – £29.99 per month
2 + 1 Free (90 strips) – £59.98 or £19.89 per month
3+2 Free (150 strips) – £89.97 or £17.99 per month

Official website offers a 67 days guarantee and free shipping with every order.

We were quite amazed with this product, it has free shipping and delivery, you can find a lot of proof to back it up, and we enjoyed the tongue dissolving strip – it’s really practical.

Buy NiacinMax

If you are looking for a natural, risk-free, and vitamin-based strength booster that should also help you with focus, power, and concentration, and don’t want to waste your time on conventional supplements, then NiacinMax absolutely should be your top choice – it is 45 times stronger than a conventional 100mg tablet.

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